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Alliance of Indiana Rural Water Solutions for water and waste water professionals.

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(In as good condition as possible!)
Used HACH DR 890 Colorimeters. We need 5-6 instruments to run tests that the new HACH DR 900 cannot run.
If you are looking to upgrade to a DR 900, this is the opportunity to get top dollar for your old instrument.
Contact Nick Stanley, President of Water Solutions Unlimited, Inc. at 317-435-1870 or May 2, 2017
Indiana / Michigan Water Contract Services Operation for sale.
Providing operators, we take the samples (certified lab IN/MI)
Serious inquiries write to:
2319 L.W.E.
Mishawaka, IN 46544
all inquiries will be answered.
March 21, 2017
1999 Vactor Freightliner FL80 TANDEM, 7.2L L6 DIESEL
8240 Chassis Miles / 2172 Chassis Hours / 651 Auxiliary Engine Hours
Offered for sale by Lawrenceburg Utilities
Auctioned through

February 29, 2016
Surplus item list for sale.

1.) Greenheck chemical exhaust fan
Model SE1-8-440-6
13×13" rough opening

2.) LMI chemical pump
Model B111-499 FI
38 gpd

3.) Easy Lift 55 gallon drum transport
Model HEL 800

4.) Westinghouse 20hp motor
3 phase
U frame
2" shaft
3510 rpm
rebuilt 2014

5.) Lincoln 25 HP motor
3 phase
T frame
2" shafts
3485 rpm
rebuilt 2014
Town of Kingman: 765-592-5514 January 11, 2016

Alliance of Indiana Rural Water Solutions for Water and Waste Water Professionals