2021 Operator Expos Recap

2021 Operator Expos Recap

Southern - Huntingburg, IN / Northern - Akron, IN

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Our Southern Expo was held on May 16, in Huntingburg, Indiana and our Northern Expo held on May 23, in Akron, Indiana, were both big successes!  We had over 225 people in attendance at each and it was beautiful weather to gather back together again! Both events featured our 'famous' hog roast, donated by Water Solutions Unlimited while the Schnitzelbank & Jonsey's Junction catered the rest of the food. 

The Meter Toss, Backhoe Rodeos, and the Expoo Royal Flush contests provided chances to win cash and prizes, and didn't disappoint on the fun! 

Huntingburg Meter Toss Winners
  • Powder Puffs: Angie Willoughby – IDEM
  • Young Bucks: Steven Dorton – Edwardsville Water Corp.
  • Grizzly Ol' Veterans: Mike Compton – Town of Paoli
Huntingburg Backhoe Rodeo Winner
Blake Lindauer – Huntingburg Municipal Utilities

Huntingburg Expoo Royal Flush Winner
Ed Hollinden – Jasper Municipal Utilites 
Akron Meter Toss Winners
  • Powder Puffs: Caroline Gregory - Bourbon
  • Young Bucks: Tony Fey - Bluffton Utilities
  • Grizzly Ol' Veterans: Rick Prater -North Manchester
Akron Equipment Rodeo Winner
Jeff Crandall - Wanatah

Akron Expoo Royal Flush Winner
Tony Fey - Bluffton Utilities
Thanks to all our attendees, demonstrators and especially our sponsors. We couldn't do it without you! Hope to see all of you next year!



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