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2018 Operator Expos Recap

Southern - Huntingburg, IN / Northern - Akron, IN

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Our Southern Expo was held on May 17, in Huntingburg, Indiana and was a huge success once again! We had over 220 people in attendance and 18 demonstrating companies. Held on May 24, in Akron, Indiana, our Northern Expo was also a big success! We had over 230 people in attendance and 16 demonstrating companies. Both events featured our 'famous' hog roast, donated by Water Solutions Unlimited while the Schnitzelbank & Jonsey's Junction catered the rest of the food. 

Meter toss contests and backhoe rodeos provided chances to win cash and prizes, and didn't disappoint on the fun! 

Huntingburg Meter Toss Winners
  • Powder Puffs: Anna Bogan
  • Young Bucks: Austin Nevel
  • Grizzly Ol' Veterans: Doug Dunlevy 
Huntingburg Equipment Rodeo Winners
William Rainey and Isaac Heeke each claimed $50 when they won the Equipment Rodeos sponsored by Southeastern Equipment Company and Whayne Supply.
Akron Meter Toss Winners
  • Powder Puffs: Marcie Coe
  • Young Bucks: Peni Faitele
  • Grizzly Ol' Veterans: Chris Lalonde
Akron Equipment Rodeo Winner
Peni Fatele claimed $50 when he won the Equipment Rodeo sponsored by RPM Machinery.
Thanks to all our attendees, demonstrators and especially our sponsors. We couldn't do it without you! Hope to see all of you next year!



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