2022 Operator Expos Recap

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2022 Operator Expos Recap

2022 Operator Expos Recap

Southern - Huntingburg, IN / Northern - Akron, IN

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Our Southern & Northern Expos held last month were both big successes, and though the weather didn't cooperate for us each afternoon, we got in full mornings of demonstrations, contests, a great lunch, and of course, seeing old friends & making new ones!


We had over 250 people in attendance at each expo! Both events featured our 'famous' hog roast, graciously donated and cooked by Water Solutions Unlimited.


The Meter Toss, Backhoe Rodeos, and the Expoo Royal Flush contests provided chances to win cash and prizes, and didn't disappoint on the fun! 1st Place for each contest won $50 cash, and 2nd Place won an Alliance camping chair. The winner of the 2nd Regional Water Taste Test was Garrett Water Works!


Huntingburg Meter Toss Winners

  • Powder Puffs: 1st - Sarah Hartman of Alcoa, 2nd - Kristen Guggenheim of Alcoa
  • Young Bucks: 1st - David Rakes of Edinburgh, 2nd - David Cissell of Henryville Membership Sanitation Corporation
  • Grizzly Ol' Veterans: 1st - Mike Compton of Paoli, 2nd - Jeff Dunaway of Edwardsville Water


Huntingburg Backhoe Rodeo Winners:

1st - Daniel Houchin of Orleans

2nd - Mike Compton of Paoli


Huntingburg Expoo Royal Flush Winners:

1st - Nathan Bourland of Washington Township

2nd - Brad Hutchins of Henryville Membership Sanitation Corporation


Akron Meter Toss Winners

  • Powder Puffs: 1st - Marcy Coe of Garrett Water Works, 2nd - Sara Benkert of IDEM
  • Young Bucks: 1st - Tony Fey of Blufton, 2nd - Chase Thompson of Frankfort
  • Grizzly Ol' Veterans: 1st - Rick Freiberger of Albany, 2nd - Kenneth Depew of Auburn


Akron Equipment Rodeo Winner

1st - Alex Mikel of Breman

2nd - Dustin Stewart of Columbia City


Akron Expoo Royal Flush Winner

1st - Austin Roberson of Huntertown

2nd - Chase Perry of Montpelier


Thanks to all of our attendees, demonstrators, and especially, our sponsors. We couldn't do it without you!


SAVE THE DATE for next year's expos:

Southern Operator Expo - May 18, 2023

Northern Operator Expo - May 25, 2023

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