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Water Break

Water Break Podcast by Heather Jennings, PE: Bridging the gap between water plant operators and engineers.

This podcast is a great resource for the latest information on water and wastewater legislation, funding, topics of concern and challenges faced, human resources, and much, much more!

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Teach Me About the Great Lakes

A monthly podcast in which Stuart Carlton (a native New Orleanian) asks smart people to teach him about the Great Lakes. Co-hosted by the awesome staff at Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant.

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The Collective Tap

THE COLLECTIVE TAP is a podcast about water and the many ways we interact with this critical resource every day. Some of those uses are obvious: washing dishes, swimming, or watering plants. Others are less obvious: generating energy, building roads, and manufacturing goods that travel far from the water’s source to reach their destination. But even given those many uses—and the many more users who expect clean water on demand—it’s easy to take for granted how critical this one resource is to life. What, exactly, is the value of water? We try to answer this question through a series of engaging conversations with experts in their fields, and, hopefully, inspire a new appreciation of the waters you call home. THE COLLECTIVE TAP is a project of the White River Alliance, a 501(c)(3)organization located in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are an alliance of diverse interests and organizations that work together to steward the River and its watershed. It is made possible with generous funding from the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust. Produced in partnership with Absorb., a boutique music and media label.

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