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Member Testimonials

  • I just wanted to take time to say thanks to Alliance and Joe Frazier for the services you provide. Joe came to our town and searched for a leak that we were suspicious of but had no idea where to look. With the equipment and Joes abilities we did find some issues not only with a service line but a storm line that has been giving us some issues. So because of your services and Joe we were able to correct some issues we have been dealing with and with the tight budget that we have to work within, this is a great service.

    Scott Kling - Town of Ossian
  • The Town of Ladoga recently received approval from IDEM for the WHPP Phase II 5 year update. I would like to thank Alliance for the water quality literature that will be given to grades 3 though 5 at Ladoga Elementary and especially to Toby Days for his assistance in helping the Town get this approval.

    Toby came to our office with info from our WHPP and was very instrumental in helping me answer several questions on the update form and even dropped off the form directly to IDEM! Toby then returned this week with the approved form from IDEM and a cd with the upgrade information. Without his help, this process would have taken much longer and certainly many headaches!

    Thanks again to Alliance and Toby.

    Keith Keck, Water Operator - Town of Ladoga
  • The Town of Sandborn Municipal Water and Sewer Utilities Operator and Clerks would like to express their sincere thanks for all of your company's assistance, answering questions and coming to our aid when needed. Special thanks to Rex Blanton and Gordon Meyer for coming at moment’s notice to help us solve our Water and Sewer issues. We are a small town and could not function properly without your continued assistance. Once again thank you.

    Sincerely - The Town of Sandborn
  • My name is Bob Gray and I am the Superintendent of the Churubusco Wastewater Treatment Plant. I worked eighteen years as the maintenance/operations worker until I became superintendent a couple of years ago. I never wanted to become superintendent until the town made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

    Soon after I became Superintendent I had many questions about the running of a sewage plant. Many of these questions were answered by Kevin Wenzel of the Alliance of Indiana Rural Water. Mr. Wenzel would stop by and help me. If he didn't know the answer, he would he would find it and get back to me. He would also make connections between me and other superintendents so that we could compare plants.

    Mr. Wenzel has helped me with QC in my lab, setting up the Net-DMR,pretreatment programs, and researching cheaper options of removing sludge. Sometimes he stops by and we just talk about the wastewater industry and compare ideas. He always keeps me up to date on the Alliance's upcoming training.

    In conclusion, I once again want to thank the Alliance of Indiana Rural Water for all the help they have given me since I have become superintendent. With Mr.Wenzel stopping by, their trainings, conferences, and expos, have helped me tremendously. Thank you!

    Bob Gray, Superintendent - Churubusco Wastewater Treatment Plant