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«March 2023»
  • Emerging Contaminents & Why's of Wastewater

    Emerging Contaminents & Why's of Wastewater

    Emerging Contaminents: This session covers 3 of the emerging contaminants listed by the Environmental Protection Agency in the Emerging Contaminants and Federal Facility Contaminants of Concern List.

    Why's of Wastewater:  This course will go through the “Why’s” of wastewater explaining why certain processes, whether lab or technical processes, are performed. This class will cover the general concept of asking why certain tasks are done, why “We’ve always done it that way” doesn’t provide a good understanding to what is going on at the facility. The course will also get into the purpose or significance of each step to different lab procedures asking why each is important and what data we are trying to collect.

    Instructor: Lorean Johnston & Pete Crowl, Alliance of Indiana Rural Water 

    Cost: $30 members / $60 non-members / FREE if no CEUs are needed.*

    *If no CEUs are needed register using the item "Emerging Contaminents & Why's of Wastewater- No CEU's". It is not necessary to register for both items.

    Contact Hours: 5 Technical Wastewater - pending IDEM approval

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