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Alliance of Indiana Rural Water has Partnered with 120Water!




Alliance of Indiana Rural Water is committed to bringing our members new opportunities and resources that will benefit rural and small communities. One way we are doing that is partnering with 120Water. Their solution includes software, sampling kits and services that help execute successful water safety, compliance and wastewater monitoring programs. Staffed by water industry and software experts, their team and solutions are expertly equipped to help you handle compliance. This partnership will expand the technical assistance and support available to our members, while providing preferred pricing on services and solutions from 120Water.


Currently, their leading offerings encompass the Lead and Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR). To assist utilities with LCRR, they are offering free 30-minute planning sessions to either get started on their plan or help utilities along the way as they navigate compliance. This is a valuable asset for rural communities that don’t have the extra budget or time to get started.


These free sessions will connect you to a state-specific LCRR specialist, and after only 30 minutes you will walk away with:

- A comprehensive understanding of where you are in the LCRR journey

- Identification of data and resources already available to start building a preliminary inventory

- Insights into what other utilities in the state are doing to tackle LCRR and any state-specific guidelines

- Best practices for managing the data - A clear vision and recommendations for best next steps


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Training - We've Got You Covered

Complying with the Lead and Copper Rule (LCR) can be one of the most complex and time consuming of the Smart Water Drinking Act rules. The good news is the Alliance is working with IDEM and 120Water to offer you various trainings to keep you in the know for all things relating to LCR.

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