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Alliance of Indiana Rural Water offers several different membership opportunities.  Please note that only Small and Large Utility Memberships include voting privileges. Membership is based on a calendar year, January 1st thru December 31st. Applications received throughout the year will need to see percentages below to figure membership amount. All members will receive a membership certificate.

Membership Categories

Small Utility Member: Any water or wastewater system that serves fewer than 300 connections. $180
Large Utility Member: Any water or wastewater system that serves more than 300 connections. $180 + ($0.12 x #of connections) Cap of $660
Large Investor Owned Utility Member: Any water/wastewater entities that own more than one utility system. $2,000 
Individual Member: Any person who wishes to be on the mail list and/or keep up with their CEUs. Non-voting member. $90
Non-Community Member: A public water system that pipes water for human consumption (i.e. schools, factories...). Non-voting members. $180
Retired Member: Any person retired from a water or wastewater system. Non-voting member $15


Memberships are pro-rated based on when a new member joins.