Lead Inventory Technical Assistance Program
Lead Inventory Technical Assistance Program

Lead Inventory Technical Assistance Program

IFA Sponsored LITAP Program for Small Public Water Systems is Now Open!

Friday, April 7, 2023

Indiana Finance Authority Lead Inventory Technical Assistance Program (office.com)


The IFA Sponsored LITAP Program for Small Public Water Systems is Now Open! Attached is a flyer for your use. You can use any mobile device to scan the QR code with your camera or you can use the link shown above to access the form. If you are unsure of whether you are a community or non-transient system, please follow the following rule of thumb. If your PWSID starts with a ‘5’, you are a community system. If you are non-transient (school, factory, daycare), your PWSID will start with a ‘2’. Please read further for an explanation of how you can access our free training and technical assistance. 


As you all probably know by now, all community water systems are required to complete and submit a Lead Service Line Inventory to IDEM by October 16, 2024. As a part of helping, the Indiana Finance Authority has provided the Alliance of Indiana Rural Water financial assistance to provide to you, free of charge, training, and onsite technical assistance to achieve compliance with this rule. 


This IFA money will be used to assist all community systems up to 1,000 service connections. The official template has been made public via IDEM and 120Water (IDEM’s contractor). What we would like to ask is that when we establish training sites and dates, you seriously consider attending and requesting our assistance. Mobile home parks have unique pros and cons when it comes to documenting what your service line materials are. That is where we come in; we can first provide training, assist in recovering documents, and research property records or any method of verification for your community water system. 


We are also sub-contracted with Arcadis to assist with Non-Transient Non-Community systems since they are also mandated to comply with this new rule. Likewise, many of these systems may have unique pros and cons regarding identifying service connection pipe material. Please allow us to assist you in whatever you need so your inventory is properly validated when it comes time to submit it to IDEM.


You all should have received information from IDEM or 120Water to join training on the official template and/or how to access the official portal for submitting your inventories. We are working closely with IDEM, 120Water, IFA and Arcadis to help keep you in compliance with these Lead and Copper Rule Revisions and deadlines. 


Trainings will be posted on our website along with email notifications for your participation. We foresee several initial trainings with subsequent smaller or individual trainings and assistance.  For us to get to you as soon as possible, I urge you to use the attached flyer or link. It only takes a few minutes. This link will ask you several questions about what you know or have regarding your service line connections. Once completed and submitted, it immediately indicates that you are receptive to our assistance and adds you to our list. It will also assist us in targeting training specifically to your needs. 


Please do not ignore this offer of free assistance!  As always, you can contact the Alliance Office with any questions by emailing alliance@inh2o.org or calling (317) 789-4200.

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Lead Service Line Inventory Submit Button is Active

Lead Service Line Inventory Submit Button is Active

Email to utilities from IDEM on Tuesday, April 16

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