Lead Service Line Inventory Submit Button is Active
Lead Service Line Inventory Submit Button is Active

Lead Service Line Inventory Submit Button is Active

Email to utilities from IDEM on Tuesday, April 16

Monday, May 6, 2024

The following was emailed out to utilities at 5:00pm on Tuesday, April 16 by IDEM:


Lead Service Line Inventory Submit Button is Active


The Indiana Department of Environmental Drinking Water Branch has enabled the Submit Button for the Lead Service Line Inventory in PWS Portal.  For those of you that have all your data entered into the portal you are now able to submit that data.  Please check your information once more and when complete hit the submit button.  During the submittal process, you will need to answer some questions about the types of data used to identify your (and your customer’s) service lines.  Please make sure all applicable fields have a complete response before finishing the submission process.

You will have 30 days from October 16, 2024 to notify all residents at locations served by an Unknown, Lead, or Galvanized Requiring Replacement Service Connection.  These initial notifications must be done no later than November 15, 2024. This customer notification information will need to continue to be sent to your affected customers annually. 

U.S. EPA is still working on the templates for the consumer notification.  Once we have received the final templates, we will forward them out to you .  If you want to create your own letters, you can, however we recommend having them reviewed by IDEM prior to mailing so that you don’t miss any of the required elements.  The required elements for the notification are in the document attached to this email.

If you are still working on your inventory,  you should continue to enter data.  When you have completed your inventory you can submit it to IDEM via PWS Portal.  Remember that the deadline for submittal is October 16, 2024.

At this time if you submit your inventory and need to make changes, 120Water will need to re-open your system portal.  A request to 120Water at support@120Water.com would be required.  You still have time to continue collecting and documenting data for your system.    Please consider  completing as much of your inventory as possible prior to submitting your data.  Inventory submittal is required to be completed by October 16, 2024.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at IDEM, or our partners at 120Water, The Indiana Alliance of Rural Water, and Arcadis. 






Questions/ comments related to Indiana-specific interpretations of the LCRR; these include but are not limited to: acceptable inventory methods, basis of material classification, field verification methods, etc.





Technical Assistance - CWS with less than 1,000 service connections

The Alliance of Indiana Rural Water is a contractor to IDEM and is exclusively supporting Community Water Systems (CWS) with less than 1,000 service connections through: Virtual and In-Person Training on Service Line Inventory Development; Technical Assistance to complete, validate and submit your inventory to IDEM; and Guidance to maintain and improve inventories after submission.



Technical Assistance - all NTNCWS

Arcadis is a subcontractor to the Alliance of Indiana Rural Water and is exclusively supporting Non Transient Non Community Water Systems (NTNCWS) to meet the service line inventory requirement.



Technical Support

Questions/ comments related to the PWS Portal (e.g., Login/ Import support) and/or the IDEM service line inventory template (e.g., data formatting).






Helpful Links:

IDEM Drinking Water and Lead Page - https://www.in.gov/idem/cleanwater/drinking-water/drinking-water-compliance-section/water-systems/drinking-water-and-lead/

IDEM Lead Service Line Inventory Guidance - https://www.in.gov/idem/cleanwater/files/dw_compliance_guidance_dev_lsl_inv.pdf

IDEM Lead Service Line Inventory Template - https://cdn.120water.com/IDEM/IDEM_Service_Line_Inventory_Template.xlsx

PWS Portal Login - https://pws.120wateraudit.com/

USEPA Lead and Copper Rule Implementation Tools - Lead and Copper Rule Implementation Tools | US EPA

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Lead Service Line Inventory Submit Button is Active

Lead Service Line Inventory Submit Button is Active

Email to utilities from IDEM on Tuesday, April 16

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