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Diamond Associate Member Spotlight

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Stories of humble beginnings often pave the path for extraordinary achievements in the competitive realm of construction and infrastructure. US Hydrovac, born from a grassroots vision, epitomizes the entrepreneurial spirit and determination to carve out a distinctive space in the industry.

The story of US Hydrovac unfolds through a conversation with three key team members: Kaldip Panchal (KP), Co-Founder; Marianna Depinet, Administrator; and Mike Brite, Business Development Manager. Together, they reflect on the company's journey from its origins to its current standing.

US Hydrovac's journey began in March 2018 with modest beginnings. KP fondly recalls, "It was me and two part-time operators from Plainfield, Austin Bennington and Dean Weaver. We guaranteed at least 30 hours a week of pay because we had no work. So it was just the US Hydrovac big blue truck pounding the pavement." Despite the initial challenges, their unwavering dedication and perseverance led to securing contracts with some small telecom contractors, marking the company's first steps toward growth.

The turning point came when US Hydrovac secured an opportunity to work with Citizen Energy, which Richard Wise facilitated. This partnership opened doors to new territories and showcased the company's ability to deliver exceptional service and forge lasting relationships. US Hydrovac now offers service to Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. The company gradually carved out a niche through strategic partnerships and an unwavering commitment to excellence, earning acclaim and recognition among the Top 25 Fastest Growing Companies by the Indiana Business Journal in 2022 and 2023.

Reflecting on the company's inception, KP underscores its deep-rooted commitment to serving smaller communities, stemming from his upbringing in Washington, IN. "We are an Indiana-born and raised company," KP notes. "Almost everyone in the company is from here; this is our home. We're not a large company headquartered on another continent; we are here to employ the people in the community and work with them." This personal connection fuels their motivation and understanding of the challenges faced by rural areas, driving their strong desire to be part of the solution.

US Hydrovac's journey is defined by its emphasis on efficiency and productivity in the field. It prioritizes timely project completion with precision and expertise, regardless of the project's scale. This dedication saves clients time and ensures adherence to budget constraints, a quality highly valued in the industry.

Transparency and proactive communication are at the core of US Hydrovac's customer-centric approach. Through real-time reporting capabilities, US Hydrovac enables swift problem-solving and empowers clients to make informed decisions promptly.

US Hydrovac's commitment to accommodating client schedules underscores its dedication to providing exemplary service. With an extensive fleet and capabilities, the company tackles even the most challenging projects, earning accolades and loyalty from clients.

What truly distinguishes US Hydrovac is its unwavering people-centric ethos. The company's investment in its team, providing extensive training and support, ensures that every member, from field personnel to office staff, is equipped to deliver exceptional service, translating into a customer experience that consistently exceeds expectations.

While US Hydrovac is one of the newest members of AIRW, it jumped in headfirst by joining the LITAP: Hydro Excavation Program. This program provides free hydro excavation services and assistance with service line validation through AIRW's partnership with the Indiana Finance Authority, launching in early Spring 2024 in Chisney, IN. US Hydrovac validated 45 points across 37 service lines and helped Chisney finalize its validation efforts. This service validated nearly 180 unknown service lines using the EPA-approved statistical method.


US Hydrovac's success story exemplifies the power of prioritizing people—both employees and clients. With a culture of excellence, transparency, and empathy, the company has garnered recognition as one of the fastest-growing entities in Indiana, reaffirming its status as a young, dynamic, and enthusiastic industry leader.



To Contact US Hydrovac plase visit US Hydrovac – Underground Utility Experts in Indianapolis

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