Maintenance Technician - Greenville Water Utility

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Maintenance Technician - Greenville Water Utility

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Wednesday, December 27, 2023

REPORTS TO: The Greenville Water Superintendent

1. Minor maintenance of water towers, mowing, keeping clean of garbage, and spray weeds.

2. To maintain minor maintenance of utility trucks and equipment such as tiller, generator, saws, water pumps, tapping tolls and other small equipment.

3. To maintain water office buildings, clean gutters on overhang, sump pump and general minor maintenance.

4. Help read meters Monthly or as needed, compare gallons purchased and be alert to dramatic changes which could indicate water losses due to water line breaks.

5. To install and change out water meter no longer working properly.

6. Locate and repair minor water line leaks in system.

7. Assist customers in various ways, such as advising them on their leaks and usages in a courteous firm and friendly manner.

8. Grease booster pump occasionally as well as check the operation of motors.

9. Inspect the installation of new water mains.

10. Reading of water meters, work orders, and locates.

11. Fire hydrant maintenance which includes the exercising of hydrants, flushing of hydrants and performing fire flows for the purpose of fire protection data.

12. Take inventory of all parts and supplies and keep water superintendent informed of materials needed.

13. To assist the superintendent in the supervision and inspection of all new water line extensions as well as maintenance of water line break and repairs. Also help to draw maps of the new extensions and meter installs.

14. Fill in for Office Manager or was Supt. when necessary.

15. Perform daily chlorine tests as required by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

16. Collect bacteriological samples when requested by supt.

17. Repair customers yards (till, grade, sow grass) where Water Company damaged due to water leaks, etc.

18. Attend technical conferences pit on by IDEM, National Rural Water Association, Alliance of Rural Water Association, and other associations in order to stay up to date on Training

19. Contact Indiana 811 for utility locates before digging.

20. Locate al water lines when requested by Indiana 811.

21. Take bank deposits on a daily basis as well as post office drops and pickups.

22. Water technician is “on call” 24 hours a day for any water emergency with communication of the water superintendent.

23. Have a DSL license or be able to train and get license after one year

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