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Training & On-site Technical Assistance Support


The Alliance provides a variety of different types of training for water and wastewater operations specialists, managers, and board members.   We conduct over 40 one day training sessions a year in various locations throughout Indiana - all are approved for continuing education units through IDEM.   Many training sessions are FREE unless you need the contact hours in which case there is a nominal fee.  Some of our training sessions cover advanced / specialty topic and are dual certified for both water and wastewater hours.  We also offer an online training option for those that can't get away or would rather work at their own pace to renew their license.      

To see a schedule of our training events click here.


Water Technical Assistance

We provide free on-site technical assistance to water systems through the Circuit Rider Program funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Rural Utilities Service. The Circuit Rider Program provides hands-on assistance to water systems through leak detection assistance, pipe and valve location as well operational matters such as water treatment, testing, and emergency management. Circuit Riders can also assist with various reports and provide valuable information on water rates, loan and grant applications, and other managerial issues. To contact a Circuit Rider, please reach out to the Alliance Office at or 317-739-9394 and we can provide you information for your designated individual based on your location.


Wastewater Technical Assistance 

We provides free on-site technical assistance and training to small rural and municipal wastewater systems across Indiana. Funded by Rural Utilities Service, our goals are to promote proper wastewater treatment, to increase the operational knowledge of system personnel, to increase the management skills and knowledge of board members and system personnel, to increase the professionalism of wastewater and system personnel, and to promote environmental stewardship across the state of Indiana. To contact a Wastewater Technician, please reach out to the Alliance Office at or 317-739-9394 and we can provide you information for your designated individual.


Energy Efficiency Assessments

We conduct free on-site energy assessments for rural and small community water and wastewater utility systems and make recommendations to those systems on how to retrofit the equipment and operate the system in the most energy efficient manner. Contact the Alliance Office at or 317-739-9394 for our Energy Efficiency Technician contact info to get started!


Source Water Program 

A joint project by USDA's Farm Service Agency (FSA) and the Alliance of Indiana Rural Water designed to help prevent source water pollution through grassroots voluntary practices installed by producers as local levels. The goal of the program is to create local teams to collaborate in the development of rural source water protection plans that promote clean ground water. The Source Water Protection Plan (SWP) includes: A map outlining the impacted area; An inventory of potential contaminant sources; A definition of areas that match up with entities and organizations; A definition of voluntary measures that may be initiated; Identification of public education initiatives; and Identification of entities and resources that will facilitate implementation of the plan and its sustainability. To get help with your SWP or to get involved in your local source water protection efforts, contact the Alliance Office at at or 317-739-9394.